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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

The physical therapy treatment you will receive at Breakthrough Medical Plus is unique to each patient and specifically addresses your complaints and limitations due to chronic disease and pain, injury, and post-surgery. Many types of chronic complaints and repetitive stress injuries are caused by awkward postures or structural deficit as a result of a posture habit or repeated movement patterns. Not only sports injuries, but prolonged sitting at a computer, car accidents or industrial work related injuries are just some examples of the toll on your body. Integrating chiropractic care with specialized rehabilitation techniques is the best choice for improving your care and outcome. Your rehabilitation is successful once you feel comfortable and can demonstrate increased range of motion to perform the activities you love.

Physical Therapy Services We Offer

Dr. Gorman of Breakthrough Medical Plus provides a wide variety of services including:

Therapeutic Exercise

Balance Training

Strength Training

Joint Mobilization


Soft Tissue Massage

Functional Training

Sports Performance

Lifestyle & Nutrition Counseling

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Stress Free

Patients are relaxed, focused, and encouraged to have fun with being in charge of their health under our guidance.


A safer alternative to surgery, with lower risks of complications and costly addictive pain medications.

Long Term Results

We are seeing patients have long term pain relief and mobility once physical therapy treatments are completed.

Physical Therapy May Be Right For You If You Are Experiencing The Following:

Chronic Back Pain

Neck Pain

Degenerated or Bulging Disks


Carpal Tunnel Syndrom

Rotator Cuff Injuries



Tennis or Golfers Elbow

TMJ Dysfunction

Knee Pain

Ankle Pain

Gain Control Of Your Life By Reducing Pain, Increasing Mobility, and Restoring Function With Physical Therapy