Regen Cell Therapy

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Regen Cell Therapy

Regenerative Cellular Medicine is a huge breakthrough in natural healing that may be for you if you are suffering from arthritis, knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, ankle, or wrist pain. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate for this new breakthrough medical therapy.

What is Regenerative Cellular Medicine or Stem Cell Therapy?

Regenerative medicine involves using your body to heal itself, using naturally occurring stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to develop into any other type of cell in the body. They can be used to heal injured tissues because they can become muscle, ligament, tendons, cartilage and bone cells. Stem Cell Therapy delivers a high concentration of stem cells into the injured or weakened area which will promote natural healing.

During a treatment, cells are collected from either bone marrow, fat tissue, or amniotic tissue.  These cells are then concentrated and injected into the affected area.

Stem Cell Therapy May Be Right For You If You Suffer From The Following:

Arthritis / Osteoarthritis

Knee Arthritis (Even Bone on Bone)

Knee Ligament injuries, like sprains and tears (MCL, ACL, PCL or LCL)

Patellofemoral Syndrome / Chondromalacia


Baker’s Cyst

Tendonitis (Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Hips, Knees, & Ankles)

Meniscus tear / Labrum

Muscle Insertional Tendinopathy

Cartilage Damage

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Virtually Pain-Free

Patients experience very little, if any pain with the injection. Some experience a temporary stinging sensation for a few seconds.


Stem Cell Therapy is a safer alternative to surgery, with a lower risk of complications and costly addictive pain medications.

Shorter Recovery Time

Compared to most pain relieving surgeries, recovery time is much shorter. Many return to normal activity following the procedure.

Schedule A Complementary Consultation To Determine If You Are A Candidate For This Breakthrough Therapy